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A new approach in the new year

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:03pm

So suffice it to say that 2004 was the worst year ever. We discovered Chandler's autism, confronted it with all we had, saw the little guy improve, and mommy and daddy crossed the finish line exhausted and bleeding.

So it is time to slow down, take the experience we have gained to roll back our treatment approach to the things that we know work for him, and have a life again.

Unlike my loner son and his semi-loner dad, I am a profoundly social animal. I have sacrificed spending regular time with my beloved friends over the past year and it has really taken its toll on me. Much of my identity has always been wrapped up in my relationships and frankly (as a former therapist) encouraging my friends. While my children of course take priority to my friendships, the prolonged disengagement from my social life has had more of an impact than I knew.

In early Dec when the first Christmas event came along, I had not planned to attend, but was coerced into helping out with it. It turned out to be one of the richest experiences I had had in a long time. I decided that even if it killed us, we were going to have our annual Christmas party. We ended up pulling the party together in just two weeks and it was a great time. By the end of the party season after New Years, we had fully thrown ourselves back into our social circle and Chandler's treatment had become a pretty low priority. We had gotten lazy on his supplements, and because of the vacation, his therapy was sporadic to nill and as a result, he had gotten a bit more difficult to deal with, but not to bad really. The upside was that for the first time in a long time Scott and I felt almost normal. Being able to Actually live our lives again made me realize how extremely shitty the isolation had become for me.

So this month we have decided it is time to strike a balance. We have gotten him back on the supplements that we know work for him, and only give him the others occasionally or when we remember to. We have also cut back on some of the therapy that seems to be less effective for him. I have started scheduling regular play dates for my older son, who has been house bound with us this past year, and going over to visit with my girlfriends on the occasional evening rather than pouring over autism reading.

The result for Jan has been a much happier household, and low and behold, about two weeks ago Chandler started making some new improvements! More on that to come...

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