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A Name Change and A Challenge!

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:54pm
Ok, so I decided to change the blog name. This one fits more with what I am actually blogging about as autism envelopes the whole family. We don't do anything that autism isn't a major consideration or factors in somehow. Don't worry! I will still give all the awesome family posts about everyone , even those of us who are crazy and without autism as an excuse! HAHA!

Second , is a challenge to everyone who reads my blog. Jeanne issued a challenge through her blog about the Lend 4 Health site. As many of you know, we were one of the first to get finded through the site for Logan's ot and pt evals. Without that money, we would have either had to put it on a high interest credit card, beg my parents for the money (btw, Thanks Nana and Papa for all that you do for us), or wait a couple of more months. He really needed it and insurance pays for the rest so it was a blessing for us for sure to get started now.

So, here's the challenge. Go to the Lend 4 Heath site and pick one of the 5 children posted that are still waiting to get their loans fully funded. Loan them $5 . It's just a loan. You get the money back in the end. I bet we all have $5 in change hanging around. Would you give someone you saw in need $5? Ok, so it's one lunch that you will have to brown bag instead of going to McDonalds. This really is a great concept and has the capacity to change children's lives forever. Don't you want to say that you helped recover a child from autism? Let's see how much money we can raise by Friday at midnight!!!

Update:::: Since I wrote this , Madison has donated her all her saved up change and her allowance to Brock! Go Madison! Lead the charge! What are you going to do????
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