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A Lesson in Child Development - by Rogan

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:18am 1 Comment
"Mom, most children, when they draw a picture of a human body, they draw a face with arms and legs but no body at all. That means, to a very young child, the human face represents the whole person. Like when you talk to a baby, they look mainly at your face."
P.S. The drawing above was NOT drawn by Rogan. It was drawn by a 3-year-old little girl named Teresa. It helps to emphasize his point, though! :-)
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I am totally agreed with the concept. Children in the age 1-2yrs are identified the language, other's used, with their faces. If one face (person) speaks several languages the child gets confused. One face (person) should speak with one language when speaking to the child. The child has the ability to get use to different languages and the languages should be spoken by different faces (persons); should not to be crashed the link face - language, when communicate with the child.


Inoka Wasanthi

Student@Open University of Sri Lanka


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