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A Glimpse of Where We Could Be...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:18am
Well, we had another soy infraction yesterday and thus, today we have a different child in our home. It's a sad thing to see and we just have to wait it out so we can get our Nathan back. Here are some things he's been doing:
  • Crying - A lot about everything
  • Screaming when people sit or walk near him
  • Screaming when people talk to him
  • He fell to the ground crying when my sister looked at him (she has that effect to some people :)
  • Staring
  • Strange eye gazes
  • I got home tonight and found him in his car seat with his elbows bent, hands suspended in the air and a blank stare on his face. It only stopped when I moved him to unbuckle him.
  • Odd hand and finger movements and poses
  • Oh, and I'll keep the potty talk out of it...

That's all I can think of now, but it really is a sad thing to watch. It makes me wonder where we would be had we not acted on all of this and acted quickly.

On a happier note, he did great with his new therapist and did great with Bryanna. It was a 5 hour session for him, he seemed a little tired, but did well all in all. Also, he woke up this morning, pointed at a star and said; "star" "green star." :)

I'll let you know when our old Nathan comes back. For now I have to go and get him and put him to bed because he is staring at a salt and pepper fight on the TV!

- Julee

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