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A Glimpse Inside Asperger's Syndrome

Posted Mar 18 2009 12:00am

Spiral stairs By Jake Crosby

Today in class seemed like any other day -- sleepy-eyed students shuffling into the classroom awaiting another lecture. The only difference was that it was the day we were getting back our first written papers for the semester. Before handing them back, the teacher gave a strong lecture concerning argumentation, citations, and handing in assignments on time. Then came the paper-returns. Upon receiving my graded essay I proceeded to leave the room. I didn’t want to see what my grade was in the presence of my professor or the TAs. As I walked away from the building to take a look on the back page where my grade would be, I was shocked at what I found: “C/C+.” It was the lowest grade for a history assignment I had ever received. Reading the comments, I found that I had not cited the sources much, which made the teacher irate. I lost a lot of credit, what gives?

It then made sense to me: I am terrible at multi-tasking, I have difficulty making simple transitions from writing papers to inserting quotations and citations in them. Such a problem is one of many organizational difficulties commonly experienced by people on the autism spectrum. Throughout my life, everything had been somewhat of an uphill struggle for me, even learning how to talk. Sociability was obviously impaired, as were academics. Although I could now function at a level of academic proficiency for my class, I was not always capable of such perseverance. I still have to work harder to overcome the problems I face that most others do not.

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