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A day of recovery - a much better day for Clive and Murray .....

Posted May 12 2012 6:56pm

Huge thanks for all the good wishes and kind comments today and yesterday! It is very much appreciated! Clive is in much better form this evening (which means Murray is too!). Murray fed him rice and chicken (twice) and it was all eaten!

We have taken the bandage off to let the air at Clive's scar (as the vet recommended). Clive is being really good and not going near it (under Murray's constant supervision!).

Clive was very quiet this morning.  Murray's Mom had sat up with him until 5.30am until he seemed to go into a really deep sleep. But we were very worried at how quiet he was this morning.Murray is very put out by it all - he is walking around the house with a photo of the two of them (a really happy photo!) and asking the 'photo' why Clive is SO SICK! He then kept taking the photo over to Clive to show him.

We rang our vet who said that Clive would be fine - it would just take time for all the drugs he got yesterday to leave his system and that the next 24 hours would see a huge difference!

We are very happy tonight to have Clive more like himself .... (in fact we are THRILLED!!!) - we were all very concerned earlier but Clive is in the last few hours becoming CLIVE again!!!

_ Clive & Murray
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