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"A Child to Love"

Posted Nov 09 2010 10:07am
I haven't got much time right now--it's finals week and I'm scrambling to finish some math at the moment--but I just had to post this link.

A Child to Love

This is a Web site made by a woman who adopts special-needs kids, many of them profoundly mentally retarded; and the web site is about her kids. I found it fascinating because it gives a realistic picture of what life is like for people who are very disabled; and also encouraging because, like any mom, she loves her kids, is proud of their accomplishments, etc. At least one of her children is autistic (check out the page for Catherine Joy, who has a Down's/autism combination and is now an adult in her forties).

Quote:"What a person can or cannot do is not as important as who they are, and what they are like."

She's not a disability-rights activist, as far as I can tell; she's simply somebody who loves kids and has become a full-time mom with a very large family. I think that's kind of cool because there's nothing politically-correct about it and no agenda involved--just a mom and her flock of kids. (Well, and a bunch of people who help her with said flock. One person can't do everything.)

Anyway, check out that web site and THEN tell me that a life with an IQ of 10 isn't worth living! I dare you. You'll find it's quite impossible.

EDIT: I just realized; some of you may have sensory/distraction problems with some of the animated backgrounds used on the site. They didn't bother me enough to interfere, but just in case: I recommend using Readability to change the pages to plain ones without backgrounds, if this is a problem for you. You just mark your settings, copy the bookmark, and then go to the bookmark from the site you want to read. Works nicely.

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