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A birthday celebration better than I ever dreamed

Posted Dec 28 2011 12:34am

It seems that the ongoing theme this month is God has plans that are always way better than anything I could ever think or imagine. Just a mere 6 days after I celebrated my birthday on the 4th with the baptism of my 2 best friends in the whole world, I got to host an event that seemed impossible years ago.  Never in a million years when I dreamed of Logan's 14th birthday did  I picture this celebration.

I must admit that I pinched myself several times during the evening.  As I thought about his birthday 10 years ago, I had to choke back tears.  As we celebrated then , he was non verbal, extremely sensitive to noise and light and prone to meltdowns for no apparent reason.  He wouldn't eat anything but Kraft mac n cheese.  Oh and did I mention that I was just recovering from terrible morning sickness from my 1st trimester of being pregnant with Madison.  That night, we had a few family members over.  Only a few because that's all Logan could handle.  I guarantee you that party didn't last longer than an hour before we were pushing everyone out the door to avert a meltdown.  It is not a fond memory.

Fast forward to this year.  I let Logan decide what he wanted to do party wise.  Teenage boys are so fickle.  He suggested that some of his friends come over to play Xbox.  We could eat pizza and they could play Halo all afternoon.  I thought it was kinda lame to be honest. Logan thought it was the greatest idea ever!  Since it was his birthday, I ran with it.  We invited a few boys from youth group at church.  I got Tombstone pizza from Publix along with lots of  Coke and chips.  I made gluten free pizza for Logan here at the house.

We ended up with 5 boys total including Logan.  Some of the boys brought the same games so they could play each other in different rooms.  I have no clue how that works.  I just know that there was a ton of laughing and trash talking.  The best part was that Logan was laughing and trash talking right along with them. It looked like a typical bunch of teenage boys having fun over video games.  Never in a million years did I imagine celebrating his 14th birthday in this manner.  I could not have imagined doing a weeks worth of different celebrations culminating with a video game fest with his friends.  Heck, a few years ago, I couldn't imagine him with friends.  Now he has several close friends that he is active in his youth group with.  He even let the youth group sing happy birthday to him.  Have you ever had teenagers yell  sing to you.  It's loud to say the least .  Not very sensory friendly for sure.

Don't think for a minute that there weren't some snafus.  I don't want to post this rosy picture of everything went hunky dory .  But they were manageable snafus. Nothing that brought a meltdown.  One thing that I did wrong and knew better was that I let him decide how long to let the boys stay.  They came at 1 and left at 8.  Logan had a hard time keeping it together from 6 on.  I had to stop what I was doing with Madison and scaffold several situations for him. It was important that the evening end well.  Since the parents weren't expected until 8, I had to run interference for awhile. Not a whole lot but I definitely needed to keep an eye and ear on things in the evening.  I should have known better and have it end at 6.  Lesson learned.

I don't know about Logan but  I think this was his best birthday ever!  He seemed to have loads of fun.  It was as typical a celebration as I ever witnessed. God is such an awesome God!
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