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8 Things I like about being autistic

Posted Nov 10 2008 4:52pm

1) Textured ceiling tiles. These can keep me entertained for half a day, if I let them. There is art in every one of them.

2) Music in my head. Music in my head.
3) Saying things twice just because it makes me happy.
4) Not being able to appreciate such neurotypical pastimes as backstabbing, gossip and war.
5) Meeting other people who are autistic and having conversations in my language once in a while.
6) Focus: Being able to read, write and obsess about one thing without getting bored.
7) People tell me their secrets. They trust me not to tell because I don't talk much about other people. Also the fact that I rarely let them down.
8) Taking pictures of floor tiles, sidewalks, pavement, brick walls; finding the beauty in things that tend to be ignored.
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