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$500K Every Year For Life. Publisher's Clearinghouse? Nope. US Vaccine Court.

Posted Sep 21 2010 12:00am

Deflated balloon It's not a lottery. It's surely not a grand prize. There are no balloons at the door or confetti falling onto the floor. A child has been seriously injured for life. Don't lose sight of that.

$1.5MM plus $500K a year for life is the gargantuan award given by the United States government for a vaccine injury that resulted in an autism diagnosis HERE . Dr. Offit, Alison Singer, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, scientists who'd soon gnaw off their own arms than admit the possibility of such severe vaccine injury, autism "charities" whose donations are predicated on clinging to safe ground that is rapidly turning into quicksand will split hairs on this case. They'll lay out semantics. They'll try to convince you, and an already skeptical American public, that this isn't an autism/vaccine injury award.

Meanwhile, Merck, GSK, Sanofi Aventis and every other vaccine manufacturing just pulled on wool gloves and a knit cap. This is unlikely to be the one and only award. Will the US government bear this financial burden alone forever? $500K x 2010 $500K x 2011 $500K x 2012 $500K x 2013 $500K x 2014 $500K x 2015 $500K x 2016 $500K x 2017 $500K x 2018 $500K x 2019 $500K x 2020 $500K x 2021 $500K x 2022... ad mortem.

The song is about addiction and damage alike. Seemed appropriate for a few reasons. Some people getting hurt. Others addicted to the needle.

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