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2013 four Houston cheap nike 3.0 v4 all-star Saturday

Posted Feb 02 2013 5:42am
2013 four Houston cheap nike 3.0 v4 all-star Saturday events will introduce the concept of East-West confrontation. NBA officials today announced the candidates for the troops, namely heat deweien-Wade and Chris Paul, Clippers. Wade is the 9th time all star, Paul was the 6th debut all-star. Paul said in an interview: "all-star Saturday night is designed for established fans, contributed many classic moments in NBA history. This night, we not only can show their skills, but also contribute to the charity, raise money, it would certainly be great for one night. ”??
The past 15 regular-season against the Grizzlies, Durrant is 30.2 points the past seven home games he is 32.6 points, after the opposite is not gay, Durrant's offensive pressure will cheap nike 5.0 v4 ease, he should be a better offensive performance. Weisibuluke in the offensive to win back, he want to lead the team with better performance. In addition to two little, Thunder team attack Martin's contributions cannot be missing in, minute substitute appearance he wishes to maintain the feel to the second little supported.??
The official said: "CBA referees issue, WCBA magistrates ' questions more. And WCBA because awareness is relatively low, television is relatively small, ' home post ' more obvious, and this time fans to play referee in Zhejiang Province, but when the fans looking forward to home post didn't show up in, appears to be too radical. Of course, no matter what time, fans should be egging them civilization. CBA and WCBA League decision so much chaos occurs, is not just a question of the referee, but League organizers, participants have problems, WCBA, CBA League needs is reconstruction of the magistrate's authority. Referee now had lost its authority. As the referee Manager, China Basketball Association needs to assume more responsibility in 2011, the Chinese Basketball Association had enacted laws to uphold the authority of the referee in high profile, but ineffective. ”??

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