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1983 - 23 Doses of Vaccine, 2010 - 70 Doses of Vaccine

Posted Aug 09 2010 1:16pm
Someone came across the 1983 US recommended vaccine schedule on the CDC's web site

23 doses of vaccine, birth to 18 years old.

Today our kids are supposed to get 70 doses.

What has changed? Where was the mass death of children to justify more than tripling the number of vaccines children get?

No mass deaths, just the 1985 vaccine act that gave vaccine makers immunity from killing and maiming children, and and a corrupt ACIP.

And as a reminder of the massive scale of this malpractice, there is no testing, none, that tells us what giving children this vaccine schedule (or any vaccine schedule we have ever had) does to our children.

This in the Age of Autism, where 1 in six children have a developmental disability or delay, where autoimmune and neurological disorders are rampant.

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