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10 things to buy a homeschool family

Posted Aug 22 2013 11:47am


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With all the back to school sales going on, now is the perfect time to buy for the homeschooling families that you know.  If you don’t homeschool then you might wonder what a great present would be for a homeschooling family.  These are fantastic ways to bless another family.  Your efforts would be much appreciated and if they aren’t then snatch them back and mail them to me.  I’ll appreciate you!  Just kidding!  I’m positive your efforts would be appreciated.


10 Things To Buy a Homeschool Family


  • All the standard school supplies like crayons, markers, pencils, pencil sharpeners, notebooks & sketchbooks .  You can never have too many, right?


  • Any and all craft supplies for many , many projects  like  oil pastels, paint brushes, sketchbooks ( can you tell we need sketchbooks? lol)


  • Find out what curriculum they use and see if you can get a gift certificate online.  Curriculum is expensive. It has to come out of the budget somewhere.


  • Gift cards to places like Amazon, Books a Million, Staples.  You know places where they can buy needed items to go with their curriculum.


  • Family passes to local museums, aquariums, zoos, nature parks. I loved it when my mom bought us MOSI passes one year.  The year we had passes to Cypress Gardens thanks to my in laws totally rocked too! We got science and nature study done that year! This year, we have Disney passes and it has been a blast.  We learn so much when we go!  If you have visual learning kids then field trips are a must.


  • Cold hard cash.  You know to pay for homeschool pe classes or co op fees or field trips.


  • Offer to babysit.  Most often mom is with the children 24/7 as my darling daughter likes to point out.  You could give Mom time alone to plan, catch up on chores, or read a book.


  • Outdoor toys for the children to use to burn off stream before (or during as is usually our case) lessons.


  • Musical instruments  or toys to foster music appreciation.  Find out what they’re studying and buy some cds and books on that instrument or composer.


  • Join them on their journey.  Spend time with the family joining in on the homeschool fun.  Go on a field trip with them.  Hang out and help with the exploding science experiment.  Just join in the fun!

The best thing you can give any homeschooling family doesn’t cost anything at all.  Offer encouragement.  Tell them you think they are doing a good job.  Give them a pat on the back. That’s worth more than gold.

This post was updated from my archives.  Thanks for reading!

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