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I currently work in a very large teaching hospital in the labor and delivery unit, as a registered nurse. I maintain patient privacy by changing details in stories that I post.
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Jun 28 2009 by chris200081
I learned with my son that the OB nurses are sometimes more aware then the doctors themselves.  I read your article on false pregnancies.. though I gather you took some heat from that, from what I have found about false pregnancies I can understand.  I was wondering if you could help me though with the actual symtoms of false pregnancies.  Note not molar... are they always mental?  I ask because a doctor told me that was what I had because the tests came back neg (but keep in mind they did with my son until wk 12)  but I didn't even want to get pregnant.  In fact, if I am I may have to cancel a surgery that I have waited over 2 years to do.  I am not crazy, and I have not mentally convinced myself I am pregnant, in fact I would be equally happy to find out I not I think for now.  So do you know of any purely physical/hormonial reasons for false pregnancies.  I have an ultrasound scheduled on 7/2 which will be about 10 weeks, so should get heartbeat if I am.  But I don't know if I can wait.  Oh, by the way...I have every sytem in the world including a extra nipple now  :(   Thank you