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Atlanta, Georgia
I’ve worked on a sheep farm, on countless horse farms, in a cell biology lab, in an Ethiopian refugee camp, in a bookstore, and in a shipping warehouse. I’ve worked as a caterer, as a waitress, as a prep cook, as an English tutor, as an editor, and as an instructor attempting to... Full Bio
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Avocado Salad and Hearty Beans

Spring has finally appeared in Dayton! After an exhaustively long winter, with cold temperatures and snow persisting even into April, balmy...

Freestyle Asparagus

Canadian Geese on the roof of our apartment building... My cooking styles have changed quite a bit with all the pressures of work...

The Return

I have been silent on the blog for quite some time, and for a while I even felt internally my blogging days were over. Many of my blogger friends...

Brussels Sprouts and Swiss Chard with Tamari and Sesame

The first of May has arrived, and Spring is finally settling into Dayton. Temperatures are still bouncing around spastically, but at least...

Yeasted Banana Bread

   My husband is not prone to hyperbole. So when I baked yeasted banana bread for final exams on Thursday night, leaving a loaf at home for...
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