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Atlanta, Georgia
I’ve worked on a sheep farm, on countless horse farms, in a cell biology lab, in an Ethiopian refugee camp, in a bookstore, and in a shipping warehouse. I’ve worked as a caterer, as a waitress, as a prep cook, as an English tutor, as an editor, and as an instructor attempting to... Full Bio
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Homemade Kimchee

   Homemade kimchee! I know, you might think I'm crazy, but I did promise that we made nearly everything from scratch, did I not?...

Kale and Cannellini Bean Soup

  After the Thanksgiving holiday, and all of the glorious, delicious leftovers, what does one cook next? How does one follow the...

Four-Berry Sauce

  Dear friends, I have already confessed that despite my love for Thanksgiving menu planning, I am far too spontaneous indecisive and...

Malaysian-Style Taro Rice and Beans

 I enjoy planning the Thanksgiving menu almost as much as I enjoy cooking it. Almost. Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays,...

Green Monster Overnight Oats

  Given my propensity for stuffing massive amounts of spinach and other leafy greens (like this lovely GIANT tat soi above) in my...
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