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Yang Jie went to a d rose 2.0 for sale place where the past

Posted Oct 17 2012 8:16am
Since the death of Zhang Yang, the five of them have not eaten once fed, no good slept one night. Yang Jie all day repeating in his mind with happy hour and Zhang Yang, This is a dream. Happening these days is really Tai Xuan, Tai Xuan. Yang Jie suddenly a black eyes, two white, could not see anything that could not see anything. Like a dream, and Yang Jie came to a seemingly Wonderland. Pervasive aroma. Suddenly flew over a person, that person is an angel Zhang Yang. Yang Jie said: "Yang Jie, you have to brave live for my revenge, Down with the big villain in Luojia Star, this is your final mission, do not worry, there will be immediately called ancient gills on you, not by money confused, not for self, but lost. strong and survive. "Yang Jie said:" Do not worry, go, Zhang Yang, I will find you said to do. "Suddenly, turned upside down. Yang Jie went to a d rose 2.0 for sale place where the past seems hell. Everywhere skull, very frightened, gripped. Walked a devil Zhang Yang, yield to Luojia Star refuge in him is your only choice. "Yang Jie said:" What you say, ah, Zhang Yang, one would call me down with Luojia Star called me, he said: seek refuge the Luojia star but I know one hundred percent of my heart to say: "seek refuge with the the Luojia Star is wrong". Zhang Yang said: "I want to eat you, eat you, you cheap nike lebron 9 low eat." suddenly and to heaven, he said: "Down with Luojia star seeking refuge Luojia star, not, overthrow her to be my revenge, fart, take refuge in the survival of only select Luojia Star." Yang Jie said: "Do not, do not, I do not." suddenly came a familiar voice, "Yang Jie, Yang Jie, wake up ah, you get up ah." Yang Jie up, the original was only a dream.
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