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Xuzhou LvLiangShan scenic forest land were destroyed to build the grave

Posted Mar 24 2012 3:43am

Recently, have xuzhou citizens reflect, in LvLiangShan scenic spot nine top sunflower shandong side someone destroyed with green building, at present has destroyed more than 10 acres of forestland, hundreds of tree has survived trees suffer. The aim is to make room in the hills to build the grave. Yesterday, reporters to express the scene, destroy the forest do exist, forest public security department of brass area are investigating.


Scenic forest land were destroyed to build the graveyard


Yesterday morning, the reporter arrived LvLiangShan scenic mountain the top nine deliveries. At the crash site within 10 acres, have see a tree wood. According to the mountain forest green contractor Mr. Li is introduced, about ten days ago, a ranger called and said someone will plant trees destroyed, about 10 acres of forest, over 800 trees. Including privet, ShanXing tree species, etc. "Construction personnel in the village to face here said construction graveyard.


Yesterday morning, the village committee in BaiDaCun, reporters and not see a secretary of the counting cows, on the telephone, a cow, said the town according to arrange, will LvLiangShan scenic area a few scattered grave concentrate, probably more than 300 tombs, the grave is to concentrate on move to nine top sunflower the mountain. "Only removed the 26 tree, now the forestry department come forward, don't let build there, things have grave stopped."


According to Iraq's government zhuang a written materials says, the relevant requirements in the village will focus on the area of cultivated land occupied not migrate to the grave of woodland and did not use the land or abandoned quarry mouth is down.


Iraq government zhuang said, "before construction, to the view, found that trees are mostly death, the site planning and construction of 4.3 mu, is placed nearly one thousand seats. For grave construction involves 26 trees have arranged for the people in the village. In this building to transplant ecological cemetery."

Ready to put on record and hand over the justice department


"At the moment LvLiangShan scenic forest land is destroyed in the investigation." In tongshan area forestry bureau, relevant personage introduction, and shall, after investigation, be destroyed mountain forest protection area in the city belongs to the red line of the forest, according to the regulations on the protection of xuzhou city, the mountain forest ", and other relevant provisions, mountain forest protection area in the red line the reclamation and banned sand mining, earth-gathering, built the grave, etc.


Tongshan district forest auditing brigade introduction, receives reports, March 13,, inspectors to spot to stop. "Destroy forest land thing is began on 10 March. After investigation, the dry by deforestation of area of 11.05 mu land. As for how many trees were destroyed? Is currently ask professional base class, such as volume identification. Also need to provide relevant evidence. Afforestation unit"


"The CunZhiShu, it is asking the deployment of the unity inside." The sources told reporters, receipt of forest land. Temporary take 2 hectares of forest land below, the competent forestry authorities at the county level any approval, but so far, no one in the forestry department to permit. According to legal provision, be deforestation area more than five acres, have a criminal case. "


"A crime scene photos, a survey of the record, we have master about, is preparing to make the criminal cases, and hand over the justice department." Tongshan district forest auditing brigade says.

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