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Wow: kobe is already a friend and I have to win this year

Posted Mar 11 2013 3:16am
"Howard is feeling better now." Coach mike d 'antoni said. "he had four shots on the defensive end almost scored all rebounds. He stopped the pick-and-roll, he is Nike Air Max 95 Womens the key to the team to win." Yesterday it talk about kobe Bryant before the bulls coach Tom was, today after the compliments to the Dwight Howard, "I think that is the mood of the DH laid a victory for them, especially in the first half, he ruled the area for three seconds." For so much praise, Howard said only "to win, everyone is happy." Howard in his post-match mainly talked about the relationship between he and kobe Bryant. Recently, there are a lot of messages, according to the problems between two people less and less, partner is more and more harmonious. "You have to get used to side with you partner." Howard said, "my relationship with Bryant is getting better and better, has now become the friend. Nike Air Max 97 You know, this is our first year as team mate, so spent a little time to adapt to each other. But we can surely come together, because we all have a common goal, that is to obtain a championship. That goal drives us work together." "I have to do is what I do best, and defense and rebounding, no conflict between us." Howard added. In an interview yesterday, Howard is talked about his relationship with Bryant's improvement, also said he Bryant's suggestion, and for the shooting training. Has been for the lakers the team relationship of magic Johnson (microblogging), also in today's interview, kobe and Dwight Cheap Nike Air Max 97 Howard relationship did much better than at the beginning of the season. Bryant is very frank, their relationship is good a lot. Howard, though not completely agree with Bryant, but also in seeking common ground while putting aside differences, working in one direction. They respect each other, now this is the most important. "To return to the west after the first eight, Howard, was asked about the possibility of winning this year. This, said:" we have a chance, I believe in yourself, believe in this team. In the last two games, the enthusiasm of Howard got a lot of, in the beat Toronto after world war I, kobe Bryant also praise with warcraft performance after the game, and even admitted that the latter is backed by defensive team. And Howard himself has admitted, when see the veteran in the field to form a life such as kobe Bryant, oneself also was touched deeply. After it come up, they show the energy of warcraft, after kobe Bryant's layup, he climbed high, secondary attack grabbed offensive rebounds. In a subsequent cooperation, kobe, ginobli wow, Howard ZongYue steps to complete the dunk, energized. Howard last two consecutive hit dominant performance, Nike Air Max 360 the focus of ascension has to do with him, most of the time in this season, played all strung out of warcraft, but recently, he is suddenly changed as a person, in this section in the middle, kobe Bryant missed a three-point, Howard one-up, climbed high to underwrite offensive rebounds, complete splitting one hand clasp, 0 for the lakers first section 3 for only eight, but they eventually ahead of rivals, the
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