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Why have premarital active man married passive?

Posted Oct 13 2012 8:09am

Piano is very attached to me, we were together for a full seven days, seven days, nothing happened, we just do the thing we do, the bin will go convergence drink tea, eat a meal, bar cafe soak into the dark. The bin her back to her room, I returned to my room ... we are about to bid farewell to the city until the end of that peer, and return to the city when my piano in the back of the aircraft have felt a strange emotion in the growing and no longer can not ignore and let go. nike air max 2009 womens sale   

After that, we are a full 5 years. 5 years time, my heart always have each other. Sometimes accidentally saw on the outside, and also because the piano's sake, the heart of a move. My wife and Mr. Qin, should always be kept in the dark. Probably because of the sake of his guilt, and the piano for each partner, but more and more tolerant. Qin husband with her words, is far from as most of the revenue in the home have to rely on piano. cheap nike air max ltd shoes sale  Sometimes I can feel the piano at home in the hard work, I will help her in the economy, and every time I do this, the piano will be tired smile at me. Between me and the piano often say the word is, if I were your husband, certainly try to keep you so tired. The piano never argue bitter tired and happy wronged she said are faint smile. And my wife both eyes stare, his hands on his hips the momentum, totally can not be compared, but yet so let me Xinzhe.  nike air max classic bw shoes for sale

There is a saying called "paper in the smoke there's fire". This is the place where I am most worried about, I do not want to lose the piano, and also do not want a divorce, and I hope to continue like this, but how likely? !

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