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When Lin Shuhao 2012 signed a new contract in the summer

Posted Jan 22 2013 1:36am
When Lin Shuhao 2012 signed a new contract in the summer, not that most of us care about his reputation and income growth, but what happened prior to this change, namely Lin Shuhao in defeating the nets have made efforts and prepared before.At that time, NBA fans don't even know the name Lin Shuhao and his career is at a critical juncture.The crucial question is, Lin Shuhao in recentjordan after game uk   weeks how to adjust himself and team-mate, this time he has been a focus of the SportsCenter website reported figures.In addition, we also need to focus on is, what will happen in the future.Lin Shuhao 2012 is only 23 years old, his goal is simply to be a 2012 season official NBA player.

Morris scored for the rockets the difference narrow, however subsequent rockets over a period of up to 5 minutes and 20 seconds only got 4 points, Bobcat detonation under 13-4 attack led by Henderson waves, quick 12-point lead.Beverley rocket managed only three hits, but Taylor even voted with penalties for Bobcat alsonike blazers women scored.Parsons ' last-minute hits third, Beverley also resulted in a foul scores, but rockets still to Lynx 22-30 behind.Start to the second section, rockets alternate appearance of Delfino and Maurice rocket Dominion until the second section 12, to score into the 34-37.After returning to the field, a major force, rocket, and loss of feeling, this section only one goal in the last 5 minutes, Bobcat vehemently to 56-45 opened the gap, the rocket is not the last 2 minutes.

Fighting NBA regular-season series.People watching the New York Derby, 88-85 away the Brooklyn nets won by the Knicks, will meet four times this season total score points to 2-2.In addition a strong dialogue in the West, Pacific two super teams holds up, eventually home to Lectra luoshanjikuaichuan 106-99 Golden State Warriors, 3-1 score, four plays of the season lead.The nets made two consecutive victories, Joe-Johnson cast a key ball, the audience took 25 minutes and 5 assists, Williams 14 assists in 12 instalments DeLong-5 rebounds, Brock-Lopez 14 points 11 rebounds, hengfulisi 11-13 rebounds.Nick, Camero-Anthony h 29 points, but the fourth section only 2 minutes, Jason-Kidd (microblogging) 11 min 1 assists, Tyson-Chandler 7-11 rebounds.JR-Smith, 16, Stoudemire Amare-Stoudemire 15 points 6 rebounds.
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