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What can I do to help my 5 year old twin grandaughters with ashtma induced coughs

Posted by alniem

My 5 year old twin grandaughters both have terrible croup sounding coughs for most of there lives. This cough is constant and more frequent through the winter months.

  After many many visits to thjer pediatrician and several chest x-rays and 1 of the girls being hospitalized 3 years in a row for dehydration and once with pneumonia the doctor has diagnosed the cough being related to asthma induced.

     My grandaughters are now been on a nebuliser

for 1 month which they have to take twice a day, which some type of medication in it. I do not know what the medication is, because my daughter has been very secretive on how much information she wants to share of this issue with me.

         After bringing the twins for a follow up check up to thier pediatrician after being on the nebulizer treatments for 1 month 2x a day, these treatments seem to have helped with contolling the croupie sound like cough. The doctor suggest my daughter keep them on it for the rest of the winter.

       My question to all this , coming from thier grandmother who has taking care of these children from day 1 so the parents could work, is there any effects or other problems could surface in time fo such young children being on this type of treatment for this length of time. They weigh 37 lbs. each and they are very small. We live in Massachusetts, so we are shut in most of the year with our windows shut. My daughter has wall to wall plush carpeting throughout her house which is in very bad need of a good cleaning. Also my daughter has 3 cats living in her house , who are not allowed outside ever because they are all declawed. I heard yhat cats are not good to have around people with these kinds of problems.

    The cats have been living in that my daughters house since 3 years before the twins were born.

There is lots of cat fur and also the cats vomit a lot on the carpets. So how bad if any is having these cats around my grandaughters with them suffering with this asthma induced cough ?

 I am very very concern and to be frank with you, my daughter is veri uncoperative with any advice or suggestions that I try to offer and it turns into  a terrible battle between the 2 of us.

    Is there anything someone can help me to get my mind from constant worry by informing me about these treatments they are on and the type of enviroment they are living in.

         I am at my wits end, I tried contacting the pediatrician to  call me so I could discuss my concerns with him , but he never returned my call.

    Please help me, it is causing me a lot of worry some days and nights , and I can,t talk to my husband about it , because he is a sick man who had 2 heart attacks and the stress of all this makes him very sick.

        I will be anxiously waiting for your response.


                               Marilyn Simons    

                             Westport Massachusetts 02790


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