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What can I do to feel better despite severe asthma?

Posted by Ilovemyhorserosie

Hi im a twenty nine year old non smoker with  chronic wheezing and severe asthma . Im under the care of a family medicine doctor. I have had bronchitis twice this year and sinusitis. I use a nebulizer  and a rescue pump and advair and have been on steriods for the second time this year. I also got both kinds of flu shots h1n1 and regular flu considering my risk status. 

I exersise moderately inside the house on a exersise bike. I eat salad and lean meat yet even eating tiny meals leaves me breathless. I take cough syrup. . I carefully wash my hands to avoid sickness but i get sick anyway!

I get winded going up and down the stairs I Just want to  know how i can cope? im seeing my doctor on wednesday. Do some  people just have low immune systems?

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Hi there, I see you on your horse, wondering if this is a trigger for your chronic condition? Environment can have a large effect on asthma symptons.  I have asthma as well, am on Advair daily as well as Ventolin that I often have still have to take 3 or 4 times a day. However, I manage this and do work out regularly at a gym regularly.  I support my immune system with superior cellular nutritional supplementation.  If I can help you with this in any way, feel free to contact me. You can visit my sites at or

It can be so frustrating and limiting, I certainly do understand, but you can live a better quality of life and my wish is for you to do so.  I will help in any way I can.

All the best,


Hi, I am also a cronic ashmatic.  However, since my Dr. put me on Advair, I have been out of the hospital monthly.  In addition, my Dr. perscribed me Spiriva HandiHaler which act like Prednizone but it is a Non Steriod pill that is placed inside an inhaler.  I also take combavent and at last Singulair for allergies.   Ask you Dr. about these medication.  It was until my Dr's gave me something for allergies also, I am doing a lot better.  I can go outside, play with animinals, and plants without getting short winded.  I also exercise.  The key is management of your medication.

I am also an asthma sufferer. I use Symbicort and Ventolin everyday. We are also farmers, with the full gamut of animals here. And I ride (also an applalosa).

Something that I have found that seems to help the most is anytime I am around the hay/grass/dust is if I immediatly do a super wash as soon as possible. I try to get a show, but if that fails, I will at least rinse off my face and arms with a wet rag and the eye drops in the eyes (5 in each side) to rinse them out, and then saline nasal spray (about 10 in each side) at every angle possible, then I blow it all out real good. To be followed by a shower as soon as possible. And clean clothes. I am still able to work with all my horses, we have 5, and can carry bales, and do all sorts of things here. But I do have to keep my inhaler with me. I might add that we live in the hills of missouri so everywhere I go on this farm is either uphill or down. The barn is at the top and the garage is at the bottom. We bought a Kubota to help me get around easier. I hated using up all my energy just trying to get there! I think that it was a major help when I started doing those rinses as necessary. They take about 5 minutes (without the shower) and I have been known to do 4 or 5 in a single day (and even 3 showers in a single day) But they do seem to be that effective. They have been a life saver for me.

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