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Warm Winter for Jordan

Posted Jan 20 2010 12:37pm


Now that Jordan's 17 she has a mind of her own and there are times when she does 17-year-old stuff that drives me crazy, like wearing thongs in winter. She says she hates to wear full shoes unless it's snowing and even then she hates to wear socks. But we struck a deal on socks so that she'd quit giving me, Auntie Gonnie, a heart attack worrying about her catching a cold from not wearing socks.  I know, viruses aren't transmitted through your feet but you know what I mean. 

These are pedicure socks that are made to be worn with thongs or sandles for, duh, pedicures, but Jordan like the photo in the pattern and I have to admit they're pretty cozy without feeling heavy and obnoxious on your feet. Sort of like anklet, lighter versions of leg warmers.  One of the cool things about them is there's a little bridge sewn between the big toe and the rest of the toes that keep them from riding up. I knitted them in a blue and green striped sock yarn since Jordan switches back and forth between blue and green as her favorite color.  The pattern was a free leaflet I pulled off a hook in the yarn department at Hobby Lobby.

I like them. Hope she does too! 

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