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War against bronchial asthma...

Posted Feb 22 2009 6:48am 2 Comments
My mum has suffered from a bronchial asthma for a long time. And it started with a bronchitis. And it’s really pity that we didn’t know anything about such medicine as Zithromax and Albuterol at the beginning if disease.
Doctors treated mum with huge quantity of drugs. But nothing helped. And as a result bronchitis became chronic and then it turned to a bronchial asthma.
It’s really difficult for me to describe everything we went through together with my mum, how many treatments we tried, how many doctors and hospitals we changed, but nothing helped.
And once one woman in a hospital (she was also a patient) told us about Zithromax and Albuterol.I’ve learned more about them at once and we decided to try.
And to our surprise it helped! My mum is 76 now. We know that it’s impossible to get rid of asthma forever, but she feels much more better.
Protect your health and you will live very long! 

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Hello crissbrawn!

Nice to hear that my experience with Zithromax and Albuterol is not exceptional and those medicals helped to your mom too, hopefully she is OK now! My story can be told in almost exactly same words. My granny is 66 and she hardly ever was ill in her whole life, but you know, years don’t add any health and sooner or later something wrong happens. In her case it was just a banal tonsillitis, it wasn’t properly healed and turned into bronchitis. Then, perhaps due to weakened immunity first symptoms of asthma became obvious and out war against it started… Don’t want to repeat previous story, all I can say is that finally we were given an advice that really helped and tried Zithromax and Albuterol, this combination works great. Now my granny always has couple of them with her and one in a bag of her bicycle, she’s still very active in her age :). Each time 1 bottle is finished some of our family orders another one via one reliable site. I'll give a link to this site to everyone who asks, just ask (I wouldn’t like someone suspected me in advertizing this site :))



Medicine only treats symptoms when it comes to asthma, and even though you seem to not believe it, there is a cure to asthma.  You just have to find the underlying cause not just treat symptoms, which is what the medical model is about.

 For my I struggled with asthma for many many years from the age of 10.  I was put on steriods at one point too.

 Asthma had always hindered my running too.  I would either have to take my inhaler before a run or after and I just didn't know when it would strike.  It was horrible.

I started to refine my diet and now as a result of major dietary overall I no longer suffer from asthma.  On a few improvements I managed to lower the severity of the asthma, but now I have completely eradicated it.  I don't have to take it out when running, I don't have to worry about weather changes.  I am free.


I agree with your sentiments, but just wanted to let you know the possibilities.


I am glad to hear your mother has had improvement though.



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