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Vampires (of the Cholesterol Testing sort), Ahoy!

Posted Apr 05 2011 12:00am

….Watch out, it’s that evil lady with the knitting needle  sized cannula again!….

So this morning I dragged myself up to Mount Vernon for the start of the blood tests at 8.30am. It needed to be done 1st thing, as I was having a 12 hr fasting cholesterol test repeated, and I’m one of these people who needs to eat as soon as they wake up. So by 8.30ish and after the drive up, there I was almost fainting. It turned out everybody had the same idea and I was twenty numbers behind the first person. And with only one vampire working I waited an hour and forty five minutes for a 30 second blood test. Aaargh, indeed! But it’s done.

I’d had my cholesterol done in Novemeber as part of a full blood panel when I was really sick, and I was astonished to find it was way higher than it should be. So little skinny mini me was put on daily Benecol by the GP and told to get it retested in 3 months. Well, 3 months is up and my Dietician’s appointment is round the corner. And she wants the results so we can then work out new supplements (all mine were stopped in lieu of my high lipids, and need to be restarted) as I am having great difficulty maintaining my weight without my Scandishakes and Ensure Pluses-which clearly contain too much bad cholesterol.

S w i n g s   and   R o u n d a b o u t s !!

I need the calories and weight gain but not the fat and cholesterol part. There is a limit to how many baked potatoes I can eat as I do not have that sort of appetite, and for the last 3 months I have had to give up the cheese and butter anyway. Sigh.

If you know about these things, there are two tests: one for your ‘good’ and one for your ‘bad’ lipids. Weirdly, my good is excellent as I eat so many healthy fruits and vegetables. But my bad lipids (due to the high fat supplements, full fat milk etc), are  bad. Hey ho!

There is always the faint chance that I may be one of these people who just has high cholesterol even though I am really skinny. But nobody else in my Family does.

Sus’s Cholesterol in November 2010 was: 6.99 (Normal is below 5)

Sus’s Cholesterol in April 2011 is: Watch this Space!

….Check back here in a few days when I have the results….

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