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Under the most representative said combination

Posted Oct 18 2013 5:26am
This skill while HIT and range unable with the acid rain to rival, but consumption is still very blue price OK. So until now, back to the blue helmets have abandoned, equipment  transformation equipment choice, physical resistance > intelligence. Armor Cheap Runescape 2007 Gold resistance to our vomiting blood stream is very very important, stand to some play thoroughly give up  back to the blue train of thought is limited to equipment the reality can not meet, so they have so of BUILD was born. Attack speed is for vomiting blood flow to the brocade  attribute, high attack rate high HIT, high HIT high blood stack, more damage. Operation result: to A3, for example, now all the elements of damage is being greatly BUFF.

Under the most representative said combination, arcane against the fire + 1 control, to deal with the combination of time, not what the devil JB stood motionless, however, that's a ghost pull! Remember that it's the ghost pulExample and the barbarian group, I 1000 resistance, vomiting flow indeed 1100 can really stand, but now it won't work ~ met  cast wall frozen + arcane the fire, don't move a lie.

Run into double male this, more painful so can only walk play, no blue with fire skeleton, blue acid rain, and always keep to have blue, don't use the empty for 4 CD  continuously, the face black hustle various elements, feet and rely on spirit do run road, no acid rain skeleton is Khrushchev, hold control, for something play ~ general except  thick skin rough strange flesh, a wave of bonzi can get rid of gold and a half pipe blue blood, far from remote blame + except blame I've said 2 control + | arcane and X is very  troublesome.
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