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Ugg Sandra Boots 5449 Chen Mu under

Posted Nov 21 2012 1:12am

The city defense is everywhere a form, in seven countries, all of greatly parts of city defenses are to is a form everywhere, in addition to is some from natural defense or some beneficial geographies construct of the city defenses are other shapes, the rests are all almost identical. This city defense Gao is about 30 meters, is surrounded in the city defense on all sides by a moat, the city defense is named:"Set up an industry".Set up industry city to only have two front and back huge city gate, city gate from two pieces of Jing iron of same shapes construct but become.But city gate have to from then eight big fellows can cooperate to open, this city gate is regarded as a sky of close, exclusively use to the city defense of resisting the foreign enemy, set up industry city to have about ten thousand in city defense Qin the country forbid a soldier and back and forth patrol in the city every day. Chen Mu arrived at to set up an industry before the city and set up the farmer businessman whom the industry city gate comes and goes enter into prosperous prospects of one.Chen Mu looking at this kind of prospects, dark sigh:"Whole life lived for 20 years, Lao Tze finally saw city defense." Although sword Huang Yu's these days accepted Chen Mu to be write-in pupil, but 2 people are like also friends, usually quarrel pit to scold, so often sword Huang Yu come out to sprinkle for Chen Mu in good time:"Explain UGG Roxy Tall Boots 5818 short Bo of your this silly boy knowledge.Grow an even pass also very big, was it you that sawed at that time?" Chen Mu humed 1 and clapped to clap body up be stained with the clothes of full dust, on the face open from think kind and genial smiling face, slowly once walked to protect city wooden board, walk to city gate.City gate eight guard both sides four for each stand guard and be dressed in black Kui to hold long Ji in the black A hand on all bodies, full of bellicosity of looking at person's bearer to go toward.Chen Mu once walks these guard of time, sees these soldier's temple just while turning a head to see toward UGG Sienna Miller Boots 5816 guard the tiny Tu rise and hold the palm coarseness that the soldier type grows Ji very, the limb power for standing awe-inspiring. Gu'call, soft-voiced way:"Teacher, do you have to carry money?" "Know to make my teacher pull now?Call at ordinary times fhjcyjhkfhfjmk I what, depend!You little bastard, occupy to know to call me now."Sword Huang Yu makes a noise to smile to scold Chen Mu:"You feel Lao Tze is just a soul body, can follow to return a dollar sword is appeared you nearby very like, you want me where come of money?I didn't descend mountain for several years.Depend!" Heard oneself teacher sword Huang Yu Ma a sentence language, oneself also the ashamed time scold in the past, Chen Mu was a burst of and helpless, asked a way:"That how do we do?Have no money difficult pour to have overlord's meal?Finish eating and then run?" "Can, anyway you are leading spirit to expect now, afraid of?BE, and get into inborn state, can the common lake superior of river stills not compares with you."Sword Huang Yu Be a burst of to chuckle. Chen Mu is startled, then surroundings one brigade 10 people patrol soldier after the side of Chen Mu Shen, a pressure immediately nearby appears at Chen Mu, although this pressure not big, is not enough to influence Chen Mu, however make Chen Mu be vigilant very."I don't think as well because of meal drive these four class above of the soldier make track for to kill." Chen Mu has already followed to lead spirit to expect, is also the state that is super to take off inborn, generally martial superior Lin is in the Ugg Sandra Boots 5449 Chen Mu under charge lead not get several recruit, however you want, about 100 up to thousand lake superiors of river kill toward he or she at the same time, tired all dead tired.And these superiors still keep belonging to training to contain plain troops.Those soldier type bow and arrow about 100 up to thousand shoot to come over to oneself at the same time, even if is deathless to also suffer from severely wounded.
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