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Posted May 03 2013 8:29am
Ferraris stadium is no stranger to the Palacio He was also one of the masters of this course in the past three years, but when he played for Sampdoria Genoa's sworn enemy, which is why Parra Theo booed by the home team in the game. Palacio apparently did not boo overthrown, instead game Zhuangtaiqijia, from the opening into the game, 3 minutes, melon forest Houchangchangzhuan, Palacio extremely alert from offside position retracement half a step, followed by sprint, formed a perfect offside trap, nike air max tn cheap    followed by the face of attack Romero, calmly edge of a trip, but unfortunately in the process of the trip which Romero touch it , making the final shot angle is getting smaller and smaller, the final shot to a corner. Palacio slow motion view, this time the offside trap very classic, special retracement then sprint quite Inzaghi taste, which also makes the other guard anti-less anti- 13 minutes, Cassano with a cross to the left side of the penalty area, and Palacio moved ahead, throw off Sampdoria defender in the penalty area small-angle shot hit the side of the net just wide! 

From the the OPTA statistics point of view, the international Milan the field everywhere down in the next peak, but because With the Palacio exist, the Nerazzurri Strikes Back is fruitful. Inter Milan game a total of nine shots, the Palacio arranged 6, equivalent to 67%.After the game, "the market" to a game-high Palacio 7.5: "the most shining star in the field, the goal of the second half tail deep stage, will determine the outcome of the game, the winning team the number one hero. "teammate Carlos Alberto Parreira also exclaimed after the game Palacio great:" He was a great player! " 

Palacio recent state is so hot, he scored four goals in the last three games. The season as a whole, Palacio has been quite efficient Palacio, this season, played 32 games to contribute 22 goals and seven assists for a total of Inter Milan, which league with 12 goals at the European League Cup 8 ball, Italian Cup ball. Even throughout the Serie A, only Cavani's 29 goals to surpass him, and Uruguay striker has been recognized as a world-class killer, relatively speaking, Palacio in Inter Milan midfielder creation is not strong the case of such a powerful data more commendable indeed! But also to know when Palacio move to Inter Milan this season worth only 11 million euros, he can say this worth among the most cost-effective striker! It is worth mentioning that, despite the 30-year-old, nike air max ltd cheap   but according to reports of "the market", Palacio still will be Inter Milan an important part in the future, he is likely in the next season and Ica Jordi become the team's starting strike partner!
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