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they often help their false new balance 999 uk pigtail for the road

Posted Dec 05 2012 6:47am
On the way back to the base, and lovely cucumber teacher (looks like six classes by the class teacher), in order to encounter the farmer selling cucumbers, cucumber teacher "generous we eat cucumber Jiaonan. Along the way, and my grandmother, my father singing, laughing, jolly. A feeling - good and happiness!Night, we watched "Tokyo Trial" to see that is the pride of the Chinese people, the Japanese shameless! ! ! We are cheering "Go China"!Fourth day morning we visited the village of Jiaonan ordinary farmers, we exchange and grandmother aunt, eat their home taro, pigs to see them at home, and they often help their false new balance 999 uk pigtail for the road "Gang of Four" open the throat, opened his mouth, loudly sing our song, whether it is good or bad, happy enough!Afternoon we went to the base farmland planted corn, "Gang of Four" squad and wishful, Xu Yang, Sun Nan school team launched a "contest" Finally, due to our negligence, hey, say grief (hide their faces weeping ing) lost the game!

The fifth day is the last day, we held a variety of competitions, breaking corn push the car, jump out loud, very happy and joyful.Things may not be too bon voyage, the last day for class honors, students no longer Annaibuzhu hearts of anger, and a Lee hypocrisy of men had a falling out, hey, this time once embodied, this hypocritical men hypocrisy, but bad things on this point was last with you the joy rushed off. Been new balance 996 uk waiting for the summer has finally arrived, and friends each have their favorite games, stay home and watch enough of boring TV series, and I feel like I was wandering in the walking dead between the living room and bedroom, so I decided to go back to my grandfather home , to find once the United States.I was once a happy wild child, and now think maybe only the wild child of the childhood only natural traces it!
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