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The rockets at home by the bucks "kill" buzzer three points to help the bucks won the victory

Posted Mar 02 2013 2:40am
The Houston rockets 27 evening in Toyota sports center against the Milwaukee bucks in bad luck, the other was 3 to 107-110 victory over the defeat. In the first half, both sides equal 55 55. The second half competition, the score is still alternating rise, many stalemate. The end of the game before the whistle sounded at the score, 107 or 107. Nike Air Max i The bucks put all your eggs in one basket, in threes to position the ball out, so that the ball in the basket on the summit of the two after the fall of the net, broke the spell to the hope of overtime. Haddon that night for the rockets win 25 points, and his teammates parsons and o respectively made for twenty points and 16 points. Chinese star LinShuHao play 33 minutes, get 10 points and 3 rebounds and seven assists and three steals. Bucks Ellis harvest game-high 27 points. On January 4, of the game, the rockets had to 115-101 victory over the bucks. At present, the rockets in this season for 31 - and negative, which in a home for 19 games and negative. Bucks record of and wins and negative.The rockets were the victims of the "magic", they almost succeeded in preventing the bucks last its, can have Anita ortez angstrom ries in the final 0.3 seconds of the gambling type ball thrown out, but accidentally completed a clear-cut. The rockets 107-110 loss to the bucks, leading the lakers' advantage only 2.5 field. Nike Air Max TN And Madison witnessed two miracle, mighty Stephen garage against the knicks game in the violent wind 11 3-pointers, crazy cut 54 points, the score after Bryant's 61 points, Bernard gold fisher and Jordan 55 points in Madison square garden, scoring the fourth. However, win or the knicks, castoff tyson chandler grabbed and rebounds, and help the knicks 109-105 victory over the warriors. The last miracle belongs to the grizzly bears, they in the second quarter behind the mavs 25 points in the third quarter, let alone the mavericks get 5 points, to a 90-84 completed the blockbuster reversal. However, this series of miracles, behind may be brewing more miracles. On this day, in addition to the rockets, the mighty, Dallas outside, 7 in the west on the Utah 91-102 loss to the eagle, the west the pioneers of the 11 missed the last shot opportunities at home, as well as 109-111 defeat at west fifth the Denver nuggets, that is to say, from the west to the west 6 team 11 all lose! But the number nine lakers game because there is no conflict of the old. If the lakers can win over Minnesota today, then they will take and western eighth rockets gap to 2 games, will be to Portland and the extended the lead to two field and 3 games, the playoffs suddenly again raised hope. Nike Air Max 360 It is no wonder that others say, it is simply a day to help the lakers!The NBA announced yesterday in the pacers punishment against golden state game ou player, the pacers and warriors XiBoTe David lee shall be subject to a one-game suspension, the mighty repository, Thomson and pacers Stevenson was fined $35000. The ou, all of the players on the field are involved, garage, Thomson and Stevenson was alliance that "war" lead to upgrade ou events. Cause the leading role of ou XiBoTe and David LiZiRan punished the heaviest, XiBoTe for the clippers game; And David lee though to appeal, but yesterday when the knicks has been unable to play. According to this season's salary calculation, XiBoTe and David mason will be suspended for 12 and $110000 loss respectively. The results appear to be from punishment, the league obviously a hand, after all, the pacers and mighty men is the east and west new jin forces on behalf of the team, once with soaked, will directly influence the prospect of the two teams.The golden state warriors and indiana pacers in game happened a large-scale ou event, the main participants of the ticket has been released. NBA executive vice President stu Jackson announced in a statement, as the events of the two leading role, David lee and Roy XiBoTe were a one-match ban. Nike Air Max 360 Mens In addition, due to the golden state warriors Stephen garage, clay Thompson and the pacers lance Stephenson to event to upgrade, so they all three people by a $35000 fine. In this was sent to the list of players, Stephen the Treasury appear many person feels some accident. With "sprout god" reputation as a garage grow handsome, always give a person with a kind of adjacent big boy feeling. In fact in the conflict, garage a beginning is good, did not think of to indiana pacers "big black tower" XiBoTe at that time is very angry, suddenly feel yourself from behind embrace, therefore directly garage fell out. This fell it is obvious that the garage angered, up behind him directly at higher than his many XiBoTe, results and pushed out.
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