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The main sources of radiation from Office building

Posted Dec 03 2012 9:20am

Common Office building is in an elegant environment, comfortable, away from the weather, but you've heard, advanced equipment of modern office buildings, in fact, there are a wide variety of sources. After pregnancy, you have to continue to work in an office, you cannot rely on everyone like a husband for their care, a number of issues need to solved

Computers: computer is an indispensable tool for us. But you know, computers turned on, displays give off electromagnetic radiation, have a destructive effect on cell division, the fine structure of early pregnancy may damage the embryo. It was reported that female machines for more than 20 hours a week in early pregnancy, abortion rates increased 80%, producing abnormal fetus opportunity has also increased significantly. Therefore, before the 3 months of pregnancy, the best left out of your computer, and even other computerized, you also have to maintain distance with it. Although this is difficult to do, you have access to computers or can be as little as possible, if you have machines on, and screens to keep an arm's distance. After 3 months of fetal development has been completed, you have restored good relations with computer, however not all day sitting in front of the computer to accept the radiation, which would also affect fetal growth and immunity. In addition to the work that must be done, such as Internet browsing, chatting, playing video games fun, should temporarily give way to the baby in your belly. Although some pregnant women think about a good idea, that they can wear anti radiation clothes. This is a good idea, but this can not solve radiation problem.

Telephone: telephone is one of the most office supplies easily spread disease in the Office. On handset two-thirds bacteria can be passed on to the next phone, and is the main way of spreading colds and diarrhea in the Office. If it was cold in the Office, or does not wash hands after toilet, disease will spread in the Office, which is likely to hit you and your babies in the belly. So you'd better have a separate phone. If you have to share with other colleagues, you should at least reduce the number of calls. Or simply lazy, often use alcohol to clean the receiver and keyboard.

Air conditioning: central air conditioning in the Office had manufactured a cool and pleasant environment. Just returned from outdoors into the Office, you might feel comfortable, but in it for a long time, you may be as many as dizziness, fatigue, restless feeling. Long-term works in an air-conditioned environment, more of 50% people have headaches and circulatory problems, and they are particularly vulnerable to cold. This is because the poor air conditioning indoor air circulation, reduced because of negative oxygen ions. Charged with two health responsibilities of office workers, pregnant women, had to be particularly careful. Preventive approach is simple, regular Windows open for ventilation, emission of toxic gases. Also, during pregnancy, every 2-3 hours as far as possible to the outdoor stay a little longer, breathe some fresh air.

Copiers: due to the role of electrostatic Copier, it will produce ozone in the air, it makes people headaches and dizziness, startup, also release some toxic gases, some allergies occur cough, asthma. If there is a photocopying machine in your Office, you can discuss it with colleagues, put it in a place with good air circulation and avoid direct exposure to sunlight. You also often reduce the Copier deal, and to increase the appropriate use of vitamin e foods.

What is more, pregnant women have to wear formal clothes in working day, so they have better to wear casual maternity dresses on the weekend.

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