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The lungs speak

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:37pm

Hey! Lungs here! Listen up!


We've staged a coup and taken control! Viva le' Revolution! The reasoning is simple. Madame simply cannot run things as they should be run around here. The football game yesterday was the last straw. Look at the kind of people she hangs out with!


She shouldn't have been up and around anyway. We've been warning her for a week that things are not as they should be in lung land. Look at the kind of weather Madame takes us out in....


Nothing but rain and wind. We felt like we were breathing through a sponge! And then this....


And this....


All that smoke had to go somewhere...


Yeah.... the whole stadium.... Cough, Cough. And then she wonders why she's back in Dr. M's office weeping about her lungs. She's just lucky she got off easy this time. Next time something like this happens, we are out of here! Tropical islands for us, Baby! We have the power!


She's just gonna have to learn to be nice to us. And make us Christmas dinner. During which we'll behave. But we get two desserts.

Madame promised.

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