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The Genuine Housewives of D.C.-The Salahis

Posted Oct 20 2012 2:56am

Have Built the Headlines however Just as before! No matter which way to turn it, the Salahis are making the news, just not in the fashion that they were hoping for. It looks like Lynda Erikletian was right to stay away from the America’s Cup Polo event. Tareq Salahi doesn’t like to pay his bills. According to a report by TMZ, Tareq Salahi is being sued by JB Printing and Specialty Services for not paying 4500 for a huge order of custom embroidered polo jackets, fleece blankets and straw hats from 2008.

 Not only did the small press sue him, but they won. On top of that, Michaele was served papers just this week for a lawsuit from PR firm Brotman-Winter-Fried Communications stating that the couple had stiffed them on 15,000 from services rendered for the same discount ralph lauren polo shirts event. Holy cow! I thought these people had money. Isn’t that why we’re all watching them on TV? To see how the elite 10% of the population that has the big bucks lives? How in the did “they” get cast for Real Housewives of D.C.? Notice I said they. You won’t see Michaele on the show without Tareq standing right beside her. Sound familiar? Yeah, it’s Slade Smiley all over again.

Bravo TV, I know that this franchise is new, but I’m starting to wonder what you guys were thinking wen casting this one. The show doesn’t have the same familiar feel of the other ones. While I’m sure that many can make the same case for the New Jersey franchise (and yes, I know that the long sleeve ralph lauren polo shirts Guidices’ are broke, too,). It’s not about drama. It’s about getting real. It’s about seeing these women for who they are in their everyday lives. Each franchise is different, because each city presents a different culture and lifestyle, but the cast in all the shows are real.

We see real life, no matter how trivial it is. D.C. is different and I’m not sure that we’ll ever been allowed in to see how these families really are (except Cat. I think she’s about the most real person I’ve ever met.). So, I’ll continue to watch in hopes that I’ll be able to form a relationship with these ladies as I have with all the others and hope that what we see on screen develops polo ralph lauren shirts for men into more of what we see in the headlines. The Salahis nothing more than fame hounds and I from the headlines I’ve read, these aren’t folks that need to have their dirty laundry celebrated.

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