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the game in Meeting with more adizero crazy light 2.0 for sale people

Posted Oct 15 2012 6:17am
I am excited to see these people, they did not NPCs, but the real players! I never thought I was so eager to see the other players, 20 years of no contact with people, I just do not know how to get along with them. This excitement in previously unimaginable when I loner, reality and game did a few friends, but this time, alone, has been a long time I decided to change the game in Meeting with more adizero crazy light 2.0 for sale people.Team players five people, two soldiers, a priest, a mage, an archer, a perfect combination, they see and I was surprised, because here is too far away from the surrounding villages (point of view not from Chuansong Zhen map Lost Village).Master fast he later handed a glance from the the tall warrior has lead came up to me, smiled and said: "Brother, you are also to kill blue demon it?" I shook my head: "No, our village Chuansong Zhen, I came magic spar.

Soldiers Oh, loudly: "original Chuansong Zhen spar with the magic to do, ah, the magic spar Reiki stuff, should be guarded by senior monster, may be in the blue demon, but you do not need to come to this dangerous place, magic spar magic shops in the city to sell 100 silver one is not too expensive. "I weighs 100 silver is not too adizero rose 773 for sale expensive, place to people is not the same. Then that face gaunt Master the way, cynical and said: "My friend, your strength can not kill the blue demon, or life is important, waiting for you 30 Come back." Obviously, this Master will investigative surgery like things, click on to see I'm only 23 and a half, and the equipment is absolutely rubbish.Tall soldiers wrinkled brow: "fire spirit days, we took him with it more than one person at a number of forces, anyway, the brothers not to fight the boss, as long as the magic spar, not sub-let's things."
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