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The Correlation Between Healthy Living And Asthma

Posted Dec 15 2008 5:59pm

For many years we have known that asthma is a disease which force the patient to keep his  food and environment clean and healthy. My mom has been sufferring from asthma from her young age, and I have been familiar with our household rules: no old books or piles of old newspaper in the house. The house must be kept free from dust, not allowed to put a lot of furnitures in bed rooms, no teddy bears, and no pets!

For years, we (me and my father) always obey the rules. We know that healthy living will prevent my mom from having asthma symptoms. However, a question is arising these days. Does healthy living correlate with asthma in preventing it?

I don't have asthma when I was born, however it is likely that I have now mild symptoms of it, inspite of the very-healthy environment that we have strongly built for years. So, how actually healthy living affects asthma? This asthma article will show us how healthy living is really correalte with asthma, to ensure us that our all efforts to build a clean and healthy living is really useful for our health.

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