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The British Conservatory exposure teachers raped ethnic Chinese Professor arrested

Posted Mar 22 2013 8:03am

The British Conservatory exposure teachers raped ethnic Chinese Professor arrested

Last month, the United Kingdom Chetham's School of Music (Chetham,'s School of Music, CSM) and the Royal Northern College of Music (Royal Northern College of Music, RNCM) were exposed to teachers on student sexual abuse scandal. Simultaneously taught in two school the Chinese violinist Professor Levin weeks (transliteration, Wen Zhou Li) on suspicion of sexual assault and rape, was arrested by the police, Cheap Oakleys the incident by the Chinese domestic media attention. According to British media reports, British police received Chetham's School of Music students reported up to 20 Yuzong of sexual assault cases, there are at least six teachers in the police investigation.

The new president of the Royal Northern College of Music Linda Merrick (Linda Merrick) has an interview with "The Guardian" that will be considered to reduce or even cancel the one-to-one teaching, in order to prevent the possibility of of improper sexual assault occurred, while protecting The teachers are not subject to trumped-up charges.

Student teachers as "victims"

Merrick I took over a piece of "hot potato" January 10 is an excellent clarinetist, outrageous allegations now, she said, had a very negative impact on the cause of music education faculty as well as the country as a whole . "We should take this opportunity to reflect on whether it should continue, the world year after year, one-to-one teaching mode?" And Merrick emphasis on one-to-one teaching has always been considered as music home of the only way. "

Today and college students "panic," there are many teachers, Merrick told reporters, "I heard a lot of male teacher complained to me: 'I do not know where to start teaching students, I also so teacher taught, but to touch students. 'after all, were arrested that they get along with colleagues for many years, this thing beyond many people's expectations. "

"Of course, they are also worried about the likely 'shot in' their own: If it was suggested that the charges against them, but essentially nothing? Perhaps other hidden reason behind it Fake Oakleys but we do not know?" Merrick said.

For the Royal Northern College of Music, the next thing they want to do may be to tear down the walls of each piano room, the originally enclosed cubicles transformed into a large suites large enough to adapt to the needs of teaching.

Merrick worried, "People think that they read in the media is all about our school is a Fake Oakley competitive, our students and UK music student competition, we compete with the world's Conservatory.

"Apologize to apologize to the people."

Levin week aged 57, was the China Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra violinist, left China in 1982 to music education in the United States and Canada, to England Menuhin Music Academy to teach in 1988, is considered to be the most successful violin teacher in the College. In 1996, he Chetham's School of Music and the Royal Northern College of Music faculty.

Levin week arrested is not the only makes the Royal Northern College of Music "notorious" event. Lee was arrested a month ago, the school's String academic leaders Malcolm Layfield (Malcolm Layfield) because of sexual assault allegations. In early February, the trial of the sexual assault case of Michael, former Vice-Chancellor of Chetham Bulu E (Michael Brewer), Layfield was dug out old account. A violinist named Frances Andrade (Frances Andrade) in the allegations of the infringement of its Bulu E before committing suicide, and before her death, she told the jury Layfield worked in the 1990s then studied at Chetham's only 16 years old, she had some damage.

Bulu E sentenced shortly after the Guardian disclosed a 45-page file, including Layfield served in 2001-2002 during the Head of the Department of the Royal Northern College of Music String involved in the details. These files also reveal how this school a series of naked against Layfield charged with turning a blind eye, and has submitted his resignation two teachers.

Past the Royal Northern College of Music Teachers already caused irreparable "harm," Merrick said which can not simply be understood as the responsibility of teachers. She said "Similarly to hit back at the allegations the teacher of sexual harassment of female students use their bodies in the campus to reach some kind of sex trade.

"When the whole situation to calm down, we'll know who we need to apologize to the, then we will do so." Merrick said, "I hold the principals from January 10, I think now the most good response to that is, I am Cheap Oakley committed to my 'take care' in the future, no one students will encounter this situation. "

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