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The Anti-Cramp Arsenal

Posted Jan 26 2010 12:00am

Does this look appetising?

I would think that any moderate to severe lunger, and indeed, any athlete is familiar with the contents of the above tray.

These are the most commonly sourced, readily available in my house, potassium rich food items. My arsenal in the attack against cramp. You don’t need to be an athlete to suffer from muscle cramps. And indeed in my case, my extremely painful crampiness is not caused by any form of athleticism, least of all my snail paced swimming. However, it remains all too common that the potassium in my body is being stripped by the constant ingesting of high doses of oral Prednisolone and inhalations of large  amounts of bronchodilators.

So after yesterday’s appointment with the vampires I thought I would share my cramp info, and mention that other than just taking large, prescribed quantities of Sando and Slow-k I do try to eat potassium rich food, rehydration drinks, salty potato chips, green leafy vegetables, bananas, tonic water and …….prunes!

I always find my cramps are at their worst in the evenings when I am tired, and of course, on a day when my lungs have been grumbly enough to warrant my chucking even more breathing treatments than usual at them. My groin, inner thigh muscles, calves and fingers seem to lock up and suffer the most. J tries to get me to stand up and shake/squeeze the blood back into my muscles. Invariably I fall in a heap on the floor, half giggling, half screaming in agony. It is a horrid, horrid silly side effect that I’m afraid is par for the course because I need to take a huge daily dose of these medications.

And of course, wonderfully, since I have been taking the Slow-K, I have not had one episode of cramp!

I await my blood test results from yesterday with utmost eagerness, I am half hoping I’ll get to stay on this med for a while longer as it is sure less distressing that suffering in such agony when I’ve been doing nothing more active than sitting on the sofa!

And we all know what prunes do, don’t we!

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