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Stages of denial

Posted Dec 03 2008 8:10am

I'm not a sick puppy...

Sad puppy

I'm sure I'm not getting sick. It is pure serendipity that has me taking mega doses of Ibuprofen to counteract the body aches and headache. I'm also avoiding my peak flow meter because I don't want to know what the slight heaviness in my chest that I'm not having signifies. I'm sure, that if I take another dose of Ibuprofen and drink some green tea I'll be fine. And I'm betting that this has nothing to do with the fact that for the first time in 5 years, I didn't get my flu shot by December first. Merely a coincidence.

But I have tons of energy. *Cough, cough* Work will be a snap. I'll breeze through the day then come home tonight and down a shot of cognac and cuddle the dogs. Right after I make dinner and do the dishes. In a mere 12 hours, I'll relax and recharge. That's only two doses of Ibuprofen away... Piece of Cake!

In other news... I placed an on-line order Monday night, Dec 1. I'd shopped there maybe 4 times in the last 3 years (they sell hiking and outdoor stuff). As soon as I placed my order, I got the usual email message thanking me for my order. As I read the line underneath that, I scoffed... It said: "We know this isn't your first time. By now you're practically family, so we bumped your order to the front of the line. Your order will ship free UPS Ground. Most items ship within 24 hours." I figured they were saying that to everyone that ordered, so they'd feel special.

Then 45 minutes later, I got this: "Your gear is on its way.

Order Number: (blanked out) Your package is shipping UPS Ground, and should arrive on December 03. Your tracking number is: (blanked out).

Wow... either they seriously moved me to the front of the line, or I'm the only person that ordered that day and they didn't have anything else to do. Either way, excellent customer service!

Asthmagirl out!

PS~ If the denial doesn't work, and I am sick... I'll have to blame  MPM who somehow infected me from 3000 miles away. I just don't know any other sick people right now!

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