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Spurs in NBA regular-season decider at 92:91 Mavericks

Posted Mar 18 2013 3:13am
Spurs in NBA regular-season decider at 92:91 Mavericks, Duncan full youth cut down 28 minutes 19 rebounds, helping the Spurs become the first got a 50-win team this season.At this point, they had 14 consecutive seasons of at least got 50 WINS, refresh the NBA history.Spurs is a low-key, steady team, they do not become winning maximum popular each season, but the results have created very alarming.After you get 50 wins this season, spurs have 14 consecutivenike free 3.0 v4 womens   seasons to get 50 WINS, this is also the history of the NBA regular season got the longest record of 50 wins in a row.Second is the Lakers, who had in the 1979-1980 season season 12 consecutive seasons to get at least 50 victories.Objectively, the Spurs did lack spark, but maturity unmatched, as Thunder weakened, is spurs in recent years killing into the finals of the season's best time.However, as long as Parker (microblogging) could return as soon as possible.

According to the US media claimed, Bryant on Twitter also revealed themselves adhere to the army because "it (playing with injury) has a great deal of sense to me, when I was a kid, and I've been watching a Michael Jordan game, I shudder tonike free 4.0 v2 womens think, if he thinks he can fight is what's not in the army?"It is clear that Kobe and Jordan as a reference, while their career in, the most classic example was the 1997 final fifth race of the disease in the army, then in game due to food poisoning, he had a high fever, diarrhoea vomiting, severe dehydration, stand on the simply impossible.In such difficult circumstances, however, Jordan was also selected in the army, played 44 minutes while sick got 38 points, and winning three points help bulls cast got the match point, after the game Jordan even extreme physical weakness in the arms of Scottie Pippin, this scene has also become a timeless classic.

Heat beat the bucks 107-94 today, achieved the highest 21 consecutive victories in team history, also became after the 2007-08 season 1971-72 season, the Lakers and rockets, NBA (micro-blog) winning streak the third team in history.Heat are all excited.2007-08 season has been with the rockets won 22 consecutive victories battier (microblogging), happily said after the match: welcome the heat added to the family of my 22 consecutive victories!In the eyes of coach sishuai, win this game is not easy.James feel did not play the best State, shooting only half hit 24.Most were gripped by handsome, game section, Wade (micro-blogging) in attack while bothering dribblers, was Union King Cap cover Larry Sanders, resulting in Dwyane Wade and kick the body hit the floor.Viewed from the lens, Sanders of hips bumped into Wade's face.Wade lay on the ground in pain several seconds.That moment, sishuai admits he can be frightened: "he fell to the ground that sounds serious, but fortunately, after only his hip hit the floor.
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