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Spring – our love/hate relationship runs deep

Posted Mar 18 2010 5:27am

Well I lament about my love/hate relationship with spring enough on this blog that you probably know all about it by now. Living in a city with such a snowy, grey and bleak winter makes me rejoice to see the light and smell the earth. It does absolute wonders for my morale. But then the pollens come out and I curse this damn season.

Running outside is getting hard. My lungs are burning more, I’m producing more mucus and I’m feeling overall less good when I run. Each run I do has a bit of a higher price now too, as I’m tending to have relapses hours after I run. And because asthma is, contrary to what I’d like to think, a dangerous condition, I am being very careful to not ignore any changes in my breathing. I’m not running any less or thinking about giving up, just realizing that this is more of an uphill battle than I thought.

I hope this post isn’t too negative because every time I do get out there and complete a run, I still feel just as happy and proud of myself. I still manage to have fun with this (thanks endorphins!). Also, I stand by the old saying… every run is a good run, some are just better!   

When I talk to my mom on the phone she spends half the conversation imploring me to be careful, and the other half telling me she’s so happy I’m running. I guess that’s kind of how I feel about it too.

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