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Spot News About Apple iPhone 5S

Posted Apr 18 2013 10:10am

Apple iPhone 5S has been a hot spot of concern, around the next-generation iPhone release date, there are many rumours. Recently, Jefferies from prominent institutions of market analyst Peter Misek submitted after the field visits to Apple suppliers in Asia reported that Apple iPhone 5S may delay the release time, and cheaper version of the iPhone launch is postponed to the fourth quarter of this year, as for the rumored iPhone 6 there is almost zero chance of this year.

Apple iPhone 5S will delay publishing

Past have been rumored Apple next generation iPhone will come out in July this year, but from all indications, is likely to delay publication. According to Peter Misek said he learned after the field trip to the Apple suppliers in Asia, iPhone 5S are likely to delay publication, and cheaper version of the iPhone will also be delayed until the fourth quarter release, iPhone may listing 6 you will need to wait until 2014.

Although Peter Misek does not mention specific reasons for Apple iPhone 5S delay publication, but because the analysts also review Apple's supply chain in Asia came after speculation, so we believe they still are in the supply chain of causes for Apple iPhone 5S delay shipment. It is learned that the Apple iPhone 5S before mass production trial delayed at least a month or more, and rumored iOS 7 system will delay release, caused by so many factors had to delay publishing the next generation of Apple iPhone.

Or for production reasons

Essentially, the Apple iPhone 5S may delay there have been recently published. Like Apple's new machine Ming-Chi, analyst at KGI securities forecast more accurate by Kuo (Guo Mingchi) revealed, due to the iPhone5S color shell surface treatment process could be improved, so as not to cause to interfere with fingerprint sensor, and OS 7 systems integration takes time reasons, publishing this next-generation iPhone may be introduced. From this, we can see, many Apple iPhone accessories suppliers also delay their production schedule, so we can not see the new iPhone accessories right now, but we can also use the update iPhone 5 accessories, for example cute iPhone 5 cases, if you have no iPhone 5, and just own iPhone 4 or 4S, you can also find these update cute iPhone 4 cases.

According to Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty said information in the report, Apple's next-generation iOS 7 system will be unveiled at the Apple WWDC in June 2013 Conference, while the next-generation iPhone will be released in September this year. Therefore, integrated a number of rumours, perhaps Apple iPhone 5S some time much later than we thought.

Has begun testing

Despite the outgoing frequently delayed publication of rumours, but Apple's new iPhone and iOS 7 system test is carried out in an orderly. As developers use trace log to install iOS 7 unknown iPhone devices accessing the system, because the IP address for this device from Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, California. So many people inferred that Apple is testing the new iPhone and iOS 7 system.

Current iPhone 5S might have featured, synthesis is the A7 has a faster processor, smart Flash (Smart Flash) technology, as well as fingerprint scanning secure chip technology, and so on.

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