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SOCIAL background group identity

Posted Nov 22 2012 7:44am

An eye-catching feature of the new members of the Central Committee groups

that have more obvious background knowledge of Humanities and Social Sciences,

which will have far-reaching impact on cognitive and decision-making thinking

of their ruling.

Statistics, in which 205 members of the Central Committee, in addition to the

21 people (accounting for 10.2%) is a science and engineering background, and

the remaining members of the university education background of Humanities and

Social Sciences, or have the science, liberal arts complex background. Among

them, the highest concentration of professional learning background of

economic management, law, political science and other fields. It can be said

that this is a new background of the central decision-making groups, indicates

that the world's largest ruling party will have full access to an economist,

jurist SOCIAL background of elite governance era.

Is generally believed that the advantage of the efficiency of the

implementation of science and engineering background. SOCIAL background

explore the rational decision-making and the fitness of the advantage to focus

on analysis, you can avoid the policy mistakes.

Ren Jiantao think, by the more political elite background with SOCIAL country,

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the trend of the modern state governance, political science

professor of the Renmin University of China. Especially the rise of of Hosei

type talents, the future development of China is huge.

In addition, most of them grow in the period of reform and opening up,

educated and has a complete educational background different ideas, different

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w, more inclusive, more open awareness.


Educated youth experience

Trained pragmatic style

The central decision-making groups, there is a distinctive characteristic of

the times, that a considerable number of people have educated youth

experience, this experience to hone their character while also forging a of

them civilians feelings and pragmatic style, and keep them committed to the

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According to statistics, the 205 members of the Central Committee, 65 people

had educated youth, accounting for 31.7% of this group. , 25 members of the

Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, 7 educated youth generation,

accounting for 28%; 4 people had educated youth experience the highest level

of the Politburo Standing Committee, accounting for 57.1%. The analysts

believe that the generation of educated youth experiencing full access to the

decision-making level, will no doubt influence the political ecology and the

future direction of China's.

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