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Small cloth: had to be traded have dissatisfaction goal to help rockets into the playoffs

Posted Mar 06 2013 2:48am
According to the Houston chronicle reported that Beijing time on March 5, morning, is in a playoff berth in the critical moment of the reinforcements, "small black beans" Brooks thoroughly with the complete buyout, return to Houston. As the rockets general manager daryl morey took office after through the draft of the selected Cheap KD 5 first player, Brooks was in rocket effect for many years, this and he told the rockets signed a 1 + 1 of the contract, the rest of the season season 2.4 million, 2.5 million salary next season, the rockets have the team option. The rockets in the trading deadline after the transaction, the number one position only LinShuHao and beverley two people, Brooks joining can bring depth, peripheral projection capabilities and breakthrough. , and old Brooks said: "I just think, I can give to the team to help, this is what I want to do everything, I feel very comfortable here, they have a good team, good staff, I feel very good, can feel very happy to come back again." Brooks is the rockets last to the playoffs, and for the first time since 1997 to get round playoff series win key hero, 2008 - next season off he averaged 19.6 points and 5.3 assists, and help the rockets beat the Portland trail blazers in the first round. After that, the rockets never entered the playoffs. "Return to the playoffs absolute is Kevin Durant Shoes 2013 very important," Brooks said, "the fans deserve, I think our coach, the team also deserve the playoffs." That season, Brooks got the fastest progress, but before the 2010-11 season because don't get the contract extension, Brooks feel very depressed, plus he was with his ankle injury, missed a few months, averaging data slump, the trade deadline rocket brought him to the sun for krstajic Della. "The time is very wonderful," Brooks said, "in the past few years time I absolute growth a lot, here I enjoy the wonderful time, I realized some achievements, but I don't like when I fall out of the way, I'm very happy to be back, I will do everything I can to prove myself." At present the rockets in the top eight, although schedule loose, but the rockets still cannot guarantee to the playoffs. About prospects, Brooks said: "this team performance is Kevin Durant Shoes 2013 great, and you certainly don't want to destroy everything, I want to do everything I can help the team, I feel that my technology can help to the team, I don't think I will hurt the team's chemical reaction." The Los Angeles lakers (30-30 negative) losing finally back to 50%, but more severe test in front, tomorrow they will visit challenge Oklahoma city thunder team (43-16 negative). Kobe Bryant to keep good state recently, he will lead the team on the road to the west for a shock after the first eight, and Kevin durant and wes brooke lead thunder team to act as the scope, they refused to fell at home. The lakers at home can narrow hawks, the winning back to 50%, first of all to thank is kobe Bryant, is he good offensive performance led his team to win. A tomorrow will go into battle, Bryant's attack state how to influence the prospect of the lakers. Who in the front line, thunder team has seve lothar, duran card players take turns to take care of kobe Bryant, they will give "xia" attack make trouble. Over the past five games Bryant averaged 34.8 points, he give full play to the leader role. "We want to transfer is not only an information only, but also show the team will, in the playoffs to hunger, can send out all the Kevin Durant Shoes 2013 necessary things." Kobe Bryant said, "this is a challenge, in the challenge, we can have fun enjoying these. I think we began to find some feeling." Then, you will witness the play king overtime in lebron's life and death moment a unreasonable perimeter jumpers, leading the ball out of a heat wave flow win, this lens in 15 wins numerous during. "Lebron jumper in evolution than in the past, he is strong, he is still in evolution," Bryant, lebron is the best affirmation.
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