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Shining Rhinestone iPhone 5 Cases Heavy Attack

Posted Apr 03 2013 9:32am

After Apple's brand new iPhone 5 on sale, it become the most popular mobile phone product, but burst out of an aluminum shell off paint problems have also plagued many users who have purchased or want to purchase. But the current strength of the accessories manufacturer has unveiled with the iPhone 5 perfect protective shell products, leading accessories brands, for example, has published a variety of iPhone 5 case products in the near future, we have come together to know about it today.

Many friends are no doubt aware that Swarovski rhinestone Crystal diamonds in the best one of the cut face for more than 30 faceted, high hardness and luster lasting. Freeson also do these elegant accessories Accessories iPhone 5 cases, the introduction of flower and fruit of Mr J-logo two case series.

From the appearance you can directly see Freeson, this case is designed for the iPhone 5 that is designed for women. Cover used white color design, back with a perfect blend of blue, purple petals, mix with Swarovski rhinestones are interspersed, with strong artistic beauty and the fresh, elegant temperament. I believe that many girl must like these bling iPhone 5 cases.

All material is made from quality PC plastic material composition, with high flexibility, scratch wear-resistant characteristics. I put it in my pants pocket are out walking, get out and cover the outside still bright as new, believe routine use is not easy in the shell result in scratches or damage.

To set it on the iPhone 5 model, a combination is very good, did not loose any feeling or matching does not apply easily cause shell deformation, mix so appropriate in the current release of iPhone 5 in case the admission and cover edges sanded smooth, very comfortable grip. Back Swarovski rhinestones are slightly raised, of course, there is no obvious impact on the holding hand.

Side transparent design, this case clearly shows iPhone 5 that has a strong metallic texture, interface or key openings are very suitable, with Shell to charge or plug in headphones are not affected. Camera and Flash on the back of the mouth the same accurate, as with other openings, edges it is very smooth and natural. Reflect the standard of good manufacturing processes. Beside, this company also launched a version for iPhone 4/4s, if you buy these cases in, you can enjoy cheap iPhone 4 cases free shipping.

We often say that the stones consist mainly of crystal glass, studded with just everybody used to commonly known as, by means of artificial cut, will be able to show shines like a diamond. Swarovski rhinestone unique, is that it is the highest quality artificial Crystal to cut, can be as high as more than 30 facets, so a high refractive index, revealing a sense of deep gloss, gloss better than Czech drill and drill in the Middle East. And because of its high hardness, can keep the gloss for a long time, under the popular favorite of the market, and thus laid the Swarovski rhinestone premium position in the market. If you like this Swarovski rhinestone case, come on and get it Now!!

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