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she said womens nike free run 3 only a month and a half Like a month

Posted Nov 26 2012 8:01am
Soon, aunt to mention a bucket of hot water up to her to Xiaoyu take a bath, even had a special tub, but I still say I want to avoid it, When Xiaoyu transferred to the aunt the hands I went downstairs go, just next to the stairs I heard the cries from upstairs, although the little guy is so small, only six months, the cry sound able like lightning kept against my heart. I saw a mother holding a sleeping baby, can not help but ask how old aunt baby in the home after the train, she said womens nike free run 3 only a month and a half. Like a month and a half of the children on the long and Xiaoyu. I then asked to bath baby cry it? She laughed, the sound, said: "how crying about? Baby favorite bath bubbles and more comfortable in the water ah!"

And I even have to do the father moved, until confirmation that he had fallen asleep carefully put him back into bed, quilt cover, also did not forget to say loudly: the way back, I dry dad and kids Luo Jun says, the children Dad, this semester's task is to tease the Xiaoyu smile. He said this task a long way to go, is very difficult, but it must be realized!Postscript: say God is very fair, but for the welfare of children, is not to draw them God "who" this range can maintain fairness! "Inhuman"! I nike free run 2 mens questioned this world, is not always so much because of a fragment of the gene is different from the mortal similar on the outside, this fictional pseudo harmony of the fair!
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