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Seriously, Happy Thanksgiving ev...

Posted Sep 14 2008 3:38pm


Seriously, Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I wish you all a wonderful day of blessings and family and love.

I will spend the day with Gene and then go in to the hospital to work overnight and I'm happy to do that. Last year, I spent quite a bit of time with a dying woman and her son who both have no one but each other on the holidays and you know what? I was happy to be there. Not everything in the hospital is great but even the depressing things are only depressing if you let them be. I like being with people who HAVE to be there. For the most part, they're making the best of it too and we're all looking forward to spending a little "nice" time together and eating dry turkey and bad pumpkin pie from the crapeteria.

I know. It sounds weird but it's actually a very positive experience. There are also always "frequent flyers" in-house, the folks we've come to think of as family that I like stopping by to say "Hello" to even if they're not officially on my patient list.

Saturday is my family's shindig and I'm really looking forward to that too. I feel so blessed to have two families in my life: my blood family and my patients/coworkers.

I hope you all feel blessed today too. Good thoughts today. And as a dear friend of mine always says "no worries."

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