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Senior student with a knife to rape two women claiming to be too much pressure

Posted Mar 16 2012 2:44am
September, 4 am, near Changfeng Road, Shushan, within half an hour, two young single woman has narrowly escaped sexual assault with a man armed with a knife. The police received a report from the scene not far from the suspects were arrested. Shocked to police, the suspect is actually a provincial capital in a college senior student Li Jun (a pseudonym). At present, Li Jun arrested for the crime of rape has been XingJu. incident two young female morning narrowly escaped rape , 25-year-old Xiao Qian in the Changfeng Road near a units of work at night, September 4 0:00 pm after work, she was alone ready to rent at the back is located Monster Beats by Dr.Dre Studio in Changfeng Road, Harmony Garden District. When away from home but more than 200 meters, Xiao Qian feel a shadow followed him, you pick up the pace to drive home, but the figure also speed up the pace. Xiaoqian live with roommates heard outside the movement, opened the door and out looked and shouted. This time, like the line against the man fled. Xiaoqian immediately call police. only 20 minutes from the the Xiaoqian the crash site a few hundred meters Yanhe and fertilizer West Road intersection, is also coming home Mary was a man trailing. The man then pointed at Mary's neck with a knife, she was dragged into the roadside woods like the line to rape, but fortunately passerby make the alarm call. The man fled in panic until you see the police car before. Arrest suspect is a senior student the within half an hour, Shushan Patrol received a report of two similar incidents, they attach to, Monster Beats by Dr Dre Studio HD Limited Edition DarkBlue/Red Headphone so conducted a search near the scene. Soon, from the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Solo scene of the second case 500 meters from the road, the police suspects arrested and Shushan Interpol seized and sent to three teams. According to reports, the suspects Li Jun, 24 years old, Huoqiu, was arrested when the performance of calm. Upon inquiry, the police account of the Li Jun, a university in the provincial capital, until then, Li has admitted he is a college senior students. In the survey, he received a phone call from the girlfriend, also calm tone to tell each other, the trip a long Monster Beats Headphone time before I came back. The has XingJu. motivation claiming to be too much pressure to go to crime It is understood, Jun home Huoqiu County, the parents, who are workers, generally family conditions, In 2008, he entered a score above the key line colleges and universities in the provincial capital. , Graduating Jun how to go this way, the motives? The beginning of the police investigators are also unpredictable. arrest, Li account, he did not go home this summer, living off campus, the evening, he got bored and could not sleep, you go for a walk. Did not go far to see wearing fashionable Xiaoqian, heart or evil, they followed the crime. In flagrante delicto, the phone accidentally be knocked out by Xiao Qian. Later, he found the phone was gone, he was ready to try to steal one, but when you see the sexy Mary, he was again the initiation of the idea of ??rape. police investigators said, Li said his poor family, living and learning the pressure, feel depressed can not resolve, having a bit of stimulation play, modus operandi, he said the school from the TV . Today, the 24-year-old Li Jun, the regret, the police investigators feel sorry for Jun. suspects parents the beginning could not believe it Jun father said his son from small to big results are good, 2008 admitted to the University and to become rare in the village of Students, p> Li Jun's father said, Not long ago, he was very glad to receive his son's phone - in order to tuition.
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