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senior officials abandoned waste,

Posted Dec 08 2012 7:22am
famine and political persecution was also trying to cover up ...... not effectively curbed a not to the International Honorary mind any recklessly regime is not brave, but a rogue and a madman, associating with them inevitably near Mexicali is suspected, no good.??Deal with the North Korean issue, the passive situation in recent years China's position in some international a nike free 4.0 v2 sale  ffairs must learn a lesson. Such as the Middle East revolution first negative reports and try to stop, wait until the thing is a foregone conclusion, has come up with people of all countries have the freedom to choose their own path like old-fashioned theory, the result being ridiculed. Since people own, why at first to stop  China has repeatedly advertised himself as a responsible big country, non-interference of the interference in the international affairs, it seems not to China's international positioning, and not in line with China's national interests. Similarly, nuclear blackmail and the human rights situation in North Korea frequently dubious authenticity repeatedly favoring understanding and must be from black its face, to reduce their own image. Not waving the red flag to oppose the red flag on this issue.??Understanding of the relations b nike free 5.0 v4 shoes etween China and the DPRK, and over the years has been a stubborn insistence, that is, the buffering effect against the West and China chips, in fact, this is a non-existent assumptions. Looking back at history can clearly see that the relaxation of contradictions in China and the West, mainly depends on the comprehensive improvement of China's social progress and national strength, and this is the greatest buffer area, and have lasting vitality and inf nike free 5.0 v4 deconstruct inite open space, there is no need to spend so many financial resources to rely on rogue dignity, to North Korea to China can not do without it feeling. Because rogue appetite can only growing, can not meet on the turn. Moreover, in today's world, between countries try to seek cooperation, in order to counter the make choices, is not it a bit out of date ??The new government's policy toward North Korea seems to have new ideas, it is worth the wait. Mission smelly snot thrown agile, China and the world will be a blessing.New Delhi, "India Today" newspaper reported, October 30, the Indian military aircraft (the so-called 阿鲁恰纳尔 Pradesh) border implementation of routine assaults, triggering the two Su-27 fighters scrambled from both sides staged "nervous moment. "Day, the Indian military aircraft Tibetan Nanda Wang flying Chinese fighter aircraft immediately scrambled. Indian Air Force sources said this from the accidents reported to the Indian Defense Ministry. I
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