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Ranting on the gangstas

Posted Jun 24 2008 6:07pm

Recently my hospital experienced a flood of gunshot victims in the ER. Apparently, one gangster approached another and made some unkind statements about his mother and his old lady. Gangster II apparently was not interested in verbal confrontations, whipped out a pistol, and shot Gangster I. In broad daylight in public with no fear.

This of course set off a spiral of gunshot victims, people run over by cars, and other gang-related violence. Our ER was flooded by these ignorant piles of wasted carbon; we got four or five gangsters in the ER in about forty minutes.

I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I have zero sympathy for these people. If you make the decision to go into the gang lifestyle, if you make the decision to become a part of that violent and lawless society, you need to pay the price. I understand that sometimes people see no other option than to join up with the gangs, but that is a problem for the police and the social workers to solve, not the ER. And when somebody is injured in the pursuit of lawlessness I fail to see why the hospital should be forced to treat them for problems that are essentially their faultandeat the bill for it.

I mean, really. These gangsters are 100% worthless. What we need to do is to stop saving their useless asses and let them die. Treating them is futile. One of the GSW victims that we got was combative and threatening to the ER staff who were trying to prevent him from dying. I ask you: why should we bother? Why fight with him when he’s going to be a total asshole to everybody, a potentially violent asshole to boot? Every now and then you’ll hear some inspiring tale of how a gangster turns their life around and does something useful, but that’s the exception more than the rule.

I know that some whiny person out there will hit me withbut every human life is precious blah blah blah,but I don’t buy that argument. Most lives are precious, sure; but the life of somebody who is willing to kill somebody simply for wearing the wrong color bandana is neither precious nor worth the financial resources it takes to care for them. These people are violent, dangerous, felonious thugs who not only harm other gangsters but who occasionally harm innocent human beings for no reason. Why would you even want to save them? I know that I don’t. I treat them like any other patient because I have to, but if I was allowed to choose, I would outright refuse to do anything for them. Heartless? Maybe, but sometimes you need to fight fire with fire. Showing compassion or anything other than contempt for their existence is only going to mark you as someone they can exploit.

I say, leave the gang-bangers in the street. Let them kill each other, and maybe when they see that we’re not going to resuce their worthless asses, they’ll either shape up or die out. Either outcome is fine with me.

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