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Pretty Olive & Cream Cheese Penguins All in a Row

Posted Jun 05 2012 11:39pm


Doesn't fun food make holidays and parties feel more celebratory? I think so too. Auntie Miranda made these for a family party and the little guys were the hit of the evening.  They're almost too cute to eat.  Almost.  Delicious!

The best part?  They'd be great for ANY holiday or party so we can make them all the time without having to wait for just one season or holiday!


So without a lot of chitchat, here's how to make the little fellas:

Cream Cheese & Olive Penguins


16-20 Jumbo black Olives, drained and dried

16-20 medium black olives, drained and dried

4 oz Cream Cheese, regular or light, room temperature

1 large diameter carrot

16-20 toothpicks


1.  Slice carrot into 16-20 1/4-1/3 inch slices. Then slice a "V" section out of one side, going almost to the center of the carrot circle.  Reserve pieces.

2.  Make a slice down one side (only) of the jumbo olives and carefully pipe or spoon cream cheese into the center, enough so that that white penquin "belly" shows.  Gently wipe off any excess cream cheese with a paper towel or paper napkin.

3.  Insert the carrot "V"s into one hole of the medium olives so that the pointy end sticks out as a beak.

4. Assemble by running toothpick through a medium "head" olive sideways, then through the "body" vertically, and finally, through the carrot disk "feet".


Makes 16-20 penguins.



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